Tom Allison: Human side of Human-Computer Interaction

Flash Camp Berlin 2009
Vortrag von Tom Allison: Human side of Human-Computer Interaction
Emphasizing the Human Side in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Sensemaking (->"Sinnerzeugung" Anm.: eher "Sinnergebung" ?) in a complex ...
  • "Make mistakes faster!"
  • HTA: High Tech Anthropologist (TM) + Target Persona Experience + Co-Location + Paired Work (Anm.: Pair Programming as Knowledge Transfer. co-location might work in case of pair programming.)
  • Development itterations on a weekly base. (but: Analysis in this week is deployed in the next week.)
  • Building project focus via Target Personas (all CEOs, HTAs and Project Manager in)  -> is a "red ink" process with following three steps:
    1. Story Cards: each employee writes story cards, above mentioned persons are decide what, when, who does it.
    2. SoftControl
    3. Green Dot: HTA can set a project as done with a green dot. Red dot means: project stucks (e.g. missing server)
    Slides can be found online.

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